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Whether you are planning your special day or whether you plan to stay, with our dedication and passion for what we do, we welcome each guest with our warm hospitality and cannot wait to share our ranch with you!

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Bushwillow Creek Ranch and Venues is the culmination of our family's dream to live close to nature and raise our kids on fresh air and adventure.


When we stumbled across a beautiful farm in the heart of the lowveld, 12km out of the small town Hoedspruit, we knew we'd found what we were looking for.


Over the last decade, we've poured body and soul into the property and it has rewarded us with wide open spaces, wildlife galore, healthy cattle, little lambs, bush picnics, bike rides, tractor adventures, fishing, dam swims and sunset walks….


Now, we're sharing our family run farm with you. 


With input from three generations, we've developed a holistic approach to all that we do, and with each year, our journey towards complete sustainability continues.


We ranch with hardy and efficient Nguni and Boran cattle and sheep. Their movements mimic those of the large herds of herbivore that would have migrated here in times before human interference. Today, the sound of cattle lowing intermingles with the calls of bushveld birds and when we hear it, we know the veld and the animals are healthy.


Farm life isn’t always easy. Being able to instill a passion and respect for the environment in our kids, and teach them the value of hard work and responsibility, makes every challenge a chance for all of us to learn, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Creating our Venue and Camps lets guests enjoy some of the same freedom we get to enjoy daily, and we've chosen the sites to show off some of the best views on the farm.


We can't wait to welcome you with warm lowveld hospitality and get to see our ranch through fresh eyes, as you discover its wonders...


‘Camping near Hoedspruit. Not easy to find…  We visited Bushwillow Creek in early April to camp at the Lazy Lamb.  This is a wedding Venue, but placing our small camper at the edge of the lake was perfect.  A Fish Eagle perched nearby, and watched us as we opened up the van.  For a change there was no other people.  There was no noise pollution.  There was no light pollution (so difficult to escape this one).  The fireflies flitting and dancing over the water reflects no air pollution.  And the stars absolutely beautiful.

The morning walk was filled with birdsong, with unusual sightings.  The little plunge pool solved the heat of the summer.  So, if you are like us and try to get away from our fading planet, this venue is for you.  And Lisa made it all so pleasant.'  

Mr Collins

Regenerative Agriculture

"It is impossible to have a healthy and sound society without a proper respect for soil"

- Peter Maurin -

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